Bare Food Cafeis all about REAL food!

We pride ourselves on bringing whole food, the way nature intended it, from our kitchen to your plate.

Bare Food Cafe was born out of a desire to provide our community with whole foods that taste great & are good for you. We’re conscious of the way we eat & believe that good food does not need additives. Our kitchen prepares a variety of fresh, organic & natural meals daily with ingredients sourced local where possible. We love to live a balanced, healthy lifestyle & Bare Food Cafe was established to share real food with people, that feels good to eat! Join us for your next meal & discover how good whole food can be.


At Bare Food Cafe, we feed you by the season. This means that you are enjoying the freshest produce, sourced locally (where possible), that is designed to feed your body what it needs, in this season. Our menu presents the freshest flavour combinations to please your palette and nourish your body.


We believe in serving food the way nature intended, whole. Cooking this way brings flavours to life and ensures your meal is free of nasties such as additives and preservatives. When you taste the meals from our kitchen, you’ll be able to taste the difference! Our recipes begin with organic, unprocessed ingredients and end on our menu with meal options that celebrate wellness and delicious eating.


We’re proud of our kitchens ability to playfully blend flavoursome ingredients to create balanced meals you will love the taste of, whilst taking care of your health. Working with local suppliers to bring natural, fresh and nourishing food from our kitchen to your plate is the foundation of our conscious cafe. Our diverse menu ensures there is not an appetite or dietary requirement left un-catered for. With gluten, dairy and sugar free diets taken care of, along with vegetarian and vegan options, please ask our friendly team if you have any special requirements that our menu does not already cater for.